Make Gold Rushes

Happen Again

Project investment guaranteed annual return


Real estate fund

Zero-risk real estate fund management with short cycle and high return

Real estate development management and private customization

Development and management of residential and commercial real estate projects, professional "one-stop" service


Rezoning, project planning, interior design and overall product packaging planning

Real estate investment consulting

Feasibility analysis report, pre-project research and analysis, real estate fund investment analysis and commercial real estate investment consulting

Our Team

Kai Shen

Graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Architecture in Design and Investment in Melbourne for 5 years.

Jeff Fu

La Trobe University graduated with a bachelor's degree in accounting, and has been engaged in real estate construction industry for more than 5 years and more than 7 years of Melbourne real estate investment experience.

James Wei

Deakin University graduated with a degree in Finance and Management, engaged in real estate sales and real estate development for 6 years.

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